Don’t Go To Jail for DUI: Hire a Lawyer Instead

It’s best to go to court to answer a criminal charge prepared. Judges are busy and they want to hear your case and get on to the next matter at hand. When you’re facing a DUI charge, it’s imperative that a lawyer is by your side to secure your proper defense. So many people who are charged with DUI don’t get a fair shot in court without a lawyer. They’re deemed guilty in the minds of lawyers and judges and oftentimes face the strictest of consequences as a result. When a criminal defense attorney hartford ct is standing by your side, there is far less to worry about and more confidence in the outcome of the case.

DUI Convictions Carry Stiff Penalties

Even first-time DUI offenders must serve mandatory time in jail if found guilty of the crime. The stint of the stay varies according to the number of DUI charges you’ve had in the past. But, it’s far more trouble than just going to jail, like that’s not horrible enough. Once you have a DUI conviction on your record, it’s not easy to get a job or even rent a home, which may put financial strains on your family.

Fines and probation may also come along with a DUI conviction. Many times, people found guilty of DUI must also attend a court-ordered rehabilitation program that helps them learn the dangers of driving while under the influence. The costs of the fines vary but you can be arrested and put back into jail if they’re not paid. Probation is always difficult for anyone. When you hire a lawyer to represent you in court, you have a defense and the risk that you’ll be convicted is reduced.

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Go to Court Ready to Answer the Charge

When a lawyer is there, handling your DUI is much easier. Make sure you go to court to answer this charge fully prepared. This means that a lawyer is standing by your side.

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